Keshavardhini Rasayanam is a classical formulation designed by our visionary Acharyas for hair_problems. It is described by Acharya Chakrapani in his book Chakradatta at 67/412-13 (Rasayanadhikara). It is one of the best trichotonics described in Ayurved. The positive side of this formulation is that it is simplest yet extremely potent for most of the hair disorders. The best results are seen only after continuous use of it and not overnight. However the results can also be achieved earlier if other parallel measures like Tiktakshirbasti, Nasya are adopted along with it under the supervision of an expert Ayurvedic Physician. The results expect some lifestyle changes and observance of Do's & Dont's of Dietetics The formula is simple but we at SwamiAyurved have adopted a special processing

Directions For Use

3 gm or as directed by physician.

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