Chandrodaya Lepam is our proprietary product specially designed to cater the needs of youngsters. A teenager is mainly annoyed by the problem of pimples on his/her face. He/She always wants to be smart & charming. But all his/her wishes remains to be a dream only because of unwanted appearance of pimples. The subsequent emergence of black spots (blemishes) adds fuel to the already worsening condition. But now pimples and blemishes is no longer a problem at all. Just use Chandrodaya Lepam and forget about it. Chandrodaya Lepam clears all types of #Acne & blemishes too that too…. in pure natural way. So there is no need to use any other cream or ointment for removing blemishes on the face or anywhere on the body. Just apply the Chandrodaya Lepam as per the given indications on the box or as directed by your physician and BE ASSURED – YOU ARE SURE TO GET RID OF THE ACNE & BLACK SPOTS.

Directions For Use

1. For Oily Skin : Chandrodaya Lepam + Lemon Juice (1 to 5 drops) + Rose water (quantity as needed)

2. For Dry Skin : Chandrodaya Lepam +Curd +Honey (quantity as needed) Mix thoroughly for 5 minutes & then apply. Normal or lukewarm water can also be used to make paste if the skin shows sensitivity to any of the above vehicles such as lemon juice, curd, honey or rose water

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