Erand Tailam (Siddha) is our simple yet effective and unique product because of its contents i.e. Guduchi & Shunthi. Erand Tailam (Castor oil) when used alone created smooth muscle spasms in the abdomen due to its extra viscous consistency. Moreover it has a natural unpleasant smell (आमगंध) which causes the patient to stay away from it even though it is the best available purgative in Ayurveda. Both of the above demerits are nullified to a great extent when it is processed with Guduchi and Shunthi. This processing with Guduchi & Sunthi increases its therapeutic efficacy & thus widens its applicability in more number of diseases. It can be used in all types of painful joint disorders, skin disorders, psychiatric illnesses & GI tract disorders. Classical Virechanam & Sadyovirechanam can be performed by using Siddha Erand Tailam without any fear of untoward effects.

Directions For Use

For Shodhan - 0.5ml to 0.6ml per Kg wt of the body or as directed by physician For Shaman - 5 to 20 ml or as directed by physician

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