Gandhak Druti is our own proprietary product. The classical Gandhak Druti is different than this one, however the spectrum of indication is same, rather somewhat broad than the classical Gandhak Druti. Classical Gandhak Druti is mostly indicated in Respiratory disorders, whereas Swami Ayurved Gandhak Druti can be administered in all the disorders where the use of Shuddha Gandhak is indicated. Internally, Gandhak Druti can be given in the dose of 1 drop to 5 ml or more as per the disease & condition. It is up to the physician to decide. The vehicle should preferably be hot milk, however the physician can make changes as per the disease & condition. Internally it is useful in all types of skin diseases like generalized eczema, psoriasis, lichen planus, lichen simplex chronicus, urticaria and worm infection, infectious chest disorders, typhoid etc. Externally a massage with gentle pressure can be advised to all kinds of skin patients. It can be used to dress the open cuts , wounds & even burned skin with properly sterilized gauze. All types of dry , itchy , oozing & scaling skin disorders can well be treated with its local application. It is having honey-like consistency so it stays on the body all along the day and works well. However its odor is somewhat unpleasant. So a light perfume on the clothes may be used to mask the typical odor after its application. It has been tried many times in lichen planus & found to be extremely effective. Regular twice a day massage relieves the severe itching by 50% on the 4th day itself.

Directions For Use

Internally - 1 to 10 drops or ½ to 1 tsf with warm milk added with sugar OR as directed by physician

Externally - Quantity to be used as per need for application

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