SwamiAyurved Suvarnaprashanam is our proprietary medicine prepared in a classical way as described in Kashyapa Samhita Lehadhyaya. Kashyapa samhita recommends the continuous use of Suvarnaprashanam for children from the first day of life to 6 months. SwamiAyurved has fortified the classical formulation with immunity enhancing & memory boosting drugs & designed it in a way that it can be administered daily in any age bracket. This unique blending has made SwamiAyurved Suvarnaprashanam a broad spectrum health tonic. Hence it can be given in each & every disease. Furthermore being a supreme Rasayana, it can be given daily to maintain strong health & keep diseases away. SwamiAyurved Suvarnaprashanam is available in Avaleha (honey like consistency) form as per the directions of ancient classics whereas the market is flooded with some drop forms to which idea Ayurveda has never subscribed. The Avaleha form mixes immediately with saliva ensuring the faster absorption and better availability to the body tissues. Pragyavivardhanam Ghritam provides a better base for the action of Suvarnaprashanam in autoimmune diseases & various psychological disorders. So every disease where autoimmune angle of the disease come in to picture should be dealt with SwamiAyurved Suvarnaprashanam. It’s safe way to improve immunity & stabilize the results in steroid dependent conditions. Psychological aberrations are best treated with SwamiAyurved Suvarnaprashanam as an adjunct medicine provided SwamiAyurved Suvarnaprashanam is needed to give in large doses in Rasayana & Udana Kala. The micronized Suvarna Bhasma nourishes all the Dhatus thereby making the Manovaha Srotasa strong & immune to sudden emotional attacks. This is era of antibiotics & analgesics. Every single disease is treated with antibiotics and analgesics. It has made the human body susceptible to very common infections which are frequent throughout the year nowadays. SwamiAyurved Suvarnaprashanam reduces the frequency and keeps you healthy. SwamiAyurved Suvarnaprashanam is best Ayurvedic medicine available to treat infertility problems. It can be used alone or with other associated medicines. Even in pregnancy SwamiAyurved Suvarnaprashanam can be used safely & effectively to keep infections away and to keep the baby in uterus healthy. It also helps for the proper development of foetus.

Directions For Use

Rasayana Karma - 500 mg to 1 gm or as directed by physician

Therapeutic Action – 1 gm to 5 gm/10 gm as per severity of disease and condition of patient or as directed by physician

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